Dragon Slayer

A fearsome weapon that not many can stand against and live to fight back.

weapon (melee)

Dragon Slayer Polesword
Superior two-handed melee weapon
Damage: 2d12
Proficient: +3
Range: -
Weight: 16 lb.
High Crit
Heavy blade




The Dragon Slayer is a weapon of fearsome caliber. It was supposedly created by a long forgotten blacksmith and no one has been able to recreate it’s equal. Its size is quite immense for a medium sized humanoid nearly towering over most of them resembling a huge, heavy, dense blade with a long pole handle. Many speak that the weapon’s power came from its constant use of slaying monsters and unnatural creatures which has turned it into an unnatural weapon allowing it to slay anything that stands in its way. Due to all the circumstances the weapon has gone through, many believe that it has manifested a killing intent. Some who have taken hold of the weapon say after a while of killing with it they felt a subtle compulsion to continue killing no matter what. This has made many fear the weapon as a malicious entity and avoided it, while in others it stimulated the violent desire to seek it. Gold has never been used in comparing this weapon’s value as most common merchants would dare not stock such a horrid item. Blood and death are what most folk associate with the weapon.

With all the known power this weapon is believed to have, some sages speculate that it’s true potential has yet to be unleashed. They say that the Dragon Slayer maybe a living entity that can be awakened to become a truly unimaginable force of destruction and death able to slay creatures greater than dragons, but none of it is for certain for no one has witnessed such.

Dragon Slayer

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